Happy New Year! January 2016 Advocacy Tip

If your board is considering making New Year’s Resolutions for 2016, here’s one:   Make advocacy a habit.

If you’ve attended WASB events like our regional meetings, legislative advocacy conference or state convention you’ve likely heard this before. Here’s one tangible and simple way to accomplish this:

Discuss at least one legislative proposal or issue at every board meeting.

Here are a few suggestions–some of the education-related bills still pending for the final months of this legislative session:

Take it to the next step and contact your legislators if you have concerns with the proposals you discuss or if you want to express support for particular bills.  Adopt a board resolution or write a letter explaining why you support or oppose the proposal.  Use examples specific to your district.

As always, the WASB Legislative Update will keep you informed and provide sample materials for you to use.

Make advocacy a habit a New Year’s Resolution for your board in 2016! Thank you for your continued efforts on behalf of your students and communities.