Public Hearing This Wednesday Afternoon (Nov. 18) on Proposed DPI Rules on Revenue Limit Exemption for Energy Efficiency Projects

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) will hold a public hearing this Wednesday, Nov. 18, on emergency and proposed permanent rules related to school district revenue limit exemptions for energy efficiencies.

The hearing will be held in Room P41 of the DPI’s Madison headquarters, located at 125 South Webster Street from 3 to 5 p.m., The purpose of the hearing is to accept public testimony on the both the emergency rule and the proposed permanent rule.

For additional information, see the DPI news release here.

Some lawmakers are seeking to eliminate this revenue limit exemption, a move the WASB opposes.

The DPI emergency rule and the proposed permanent rule  regarding the revenue limit exemption for energy efficiencies are intended to bring greater transparency to energy efficiency projects by requiring school boards to document how much energy each change within the project will save.  The new DPI rules also clarify that the cost savings resulting from the energy efficiency measures undertaken must equal or exceed the expenditures

The rules further clarify that school districts may retrofit, replace or update existing equipment or improve facilities if such improvements result in the avoidance of, or reduction in, energy costs or related operational costs.

Under the new rules, expenditures for the expansion of facilities or the addition of equipment are not allowed unless they are necessary to improve the efficiency of the existing facility.  Finally, the new rules also clarify that expenditures for one-to-one commuting devices do not qualify for the exemption no matter how much less energy they use than any devices they replace.