General State Aid Certified to School Districts

As required by state statute, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is providing the Oct. 15 certified amount each school district will receive from the $4.476 billion available under current law for general state aid. The Oct. 15 certified aid shows that 44 percent of the state’s public school districts (186 of 424) will receive more general state aid this school year than they did in 2014-15.

General state aid for school districts was unchanged from last year. However, according to DPI’s press release, the actual amount of general aid that the state’s 424 public school districts receive is reduced for a number of factors. Specifically, Milwaukee Public Schools will have its aid reduced by $56.5 million to pay for the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP). Because of changes in how the MPCP program is funded, the aid deduction is lower than last year’s $61.1 million. Nearly all districts share an aid reduction of $71.9 million for the 24 independent charter schools in Milwaukee, Racine, and Waukesha, up from last year’s $68.6 million deduction. Additionally, a new general aid reduction will be applied to the June 2016 payment for school districts that have eligible students attending a private school under the Wisconsin and Racine Parental Choice programs. Information on enrollments in those choice programs and the impact that will have on individual
districts’ general aid payments will be released by DPI when available.

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DPI print out—certified Oct. 15 general aid amounts by district
DPI print out—certified Oct. 15 general aid amounts by percentage change in aid