Senate Committtee to Hear Testimony on Bill to Require Prefunding of OPEB for New Employees

A public hearing will be held tomorrow morning (Wednesday, Sept. 23) on Senate Bill 213, relating to funding post-retirement health care benefits of local government employees, before the Senate Committee on Elections and Local Government.  According to the hearing notice, the hearing will begin at 11:00 a.m. in Room 330 South West, State Capitol.

Senate Bill 213, like its companion Assembly Bill 269, would require school boards (and other local governmental employers) to pre-fund post-retirement health benefits (also known as “other post-employment benefits” or “OPEB”) offered to certain new employees.  While the WASB acknowledges that ensuring employee OPEB obligations are adequately funded reflects best practices, the WASB opposes these bills because they are overly restrictive and interfere with local control.  (See earlier post on AB 269.)

You can view a copy of the WASB’s testimony here.