State Superintendent Tony Evers Praises Students and Teachers for Perseverance in Education Address

In his State of Education address at the Capitol in Madison, State Superintendent Tony Evers praised Wisconsin’s students and teachers for their perseverance, resilience, and grit. “They are able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions and do incredible things,” he said.

Evers noted that parent and citizen groups had a huge impact on school funding in the recently enacted budget and applauded them for standing up for strong public schools.

Evers also addressed the proposal circulated to make his post a gubernatorial appointment: “The founders of our state believed the duties and the direct election of a state superintendent of public instruction to be so important they enshrined those powers in the constitution. That action helped to create a strong system of public schools that are the envy of many states across the country. Taking that vote away from parents and the people is a sad attack at the heart of our democracy and our state’s history.”

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