Number Of High Schoolers Getting Tech College Credit Early Has Almost Doubled Since 2010

Via Wisconsin Public Radio:

Close to 13,000 high school students received college credit within the Wisconsin Technical College System in 2010. That number rose to more than 22,000 last year. System spokesman Conor Smyth said students and families are putting a premium on affordability.

“If they can walk out of high school with three, six, nine, 18 college credits at no cost to the student or their family, we’re talking about a semester or more of college,” said Smyth. “They’re saving both time and money.”

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College Academic Affairs Vice President Bonny Copenhaver said they signed more than 300 agreements during the 2013-14 school year with 47 high schools so students can receive credit for courses they took.

“They’re getting college credit and they’re getting high school credit,” she said.

Copenhaver said students who get credits early are better positioned to get a job out of high school or seek additional schooling.

In related news, a proposal has been circulated for support among legislators by State Rep. Tom Weatherston (R-Caledonia) and State Sen. Van Wanggaard (R-Racine) to require school districts to inform parents/guardians of graduating 8th graders about opportunities in technical education within their district and programs available through local technical colleges.