New Policy Information Available from WASB on New Academic Standards Notice Requirement

The WASB Policy Services team has just posted a Q & A sheet regarding the new Academic Standards notice requirements on the “Hot Policy Topics” page on the WASB website.  These notice requirements were enacted as part of the 2015-17 state budget (2015 Wisconsin Act 55). The Q & A sheet provides guidance to boards with respect to how to identify the subject matter of this new requirement as an agenda item within a board meeting notice.  It also provides suggestions on how to frame the motion the board may adopt with respect to this agenda item.

School leaders are encouraged to refer to this information as well as a new, updated annual notice requirement list that is also on the “Hot Policy Topics” page.

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{NOTE: Subscribers to WASB’s Policy Resource Guide (PRG) have direct access to additional exclusive content, including actual sample notices that present different ways to approach the new requirements related to student academic standards. PRG subscribers also have immediate access to sample resources related to two more new annual notice requirements that were also created by the 2015 State Budget Act: (1) the notice of student educational options, and (2) the notice of the state’s Special Needs Scholarship Program.}