Seeking Board Members to Serve on WASB Policy and Resolutions Committee

The Policy and Resolutions Committee is appointed annually by the WASB president following recommendations made by the members of the WASB Board of Directors.  The committee is comprised of a least one school board member from each WASB region and from each type of school district (i.e., common, unified, K-8 and UHS) operating in the state.

The Committee will review proposed resolutions submitted by member boards by Sept. 15, 2015 and decide which will be advanced to the January 2016 Delegate Assembly. The Committee may modify board-submitted resolutions or suggest its own resolutions for consideration by the Delegate Assembly.

The Committee will meet twice—in Madison on Sept. 25-26 and in Stevens Point on Nov. 6.

If you are interested in serving on the Policy and Resolutions Committee, either this year or in the future, please contact your WASB Regional Director.