Some Education Issues May be Addressed by Budget Committee Tomorrow

The Joint Finance Committee is scheduled to meet tomorrow at 10 AM to finish its work on the state budget.  Part of the committee’s action will be to vote on a “wrap up” omnibus motion covering all areas of the budget commonly referred to as a “999 motion.”   A copy of the motion has not yet been released but the WASB has heard from Capitol sources that the following changes to education-related provisions may be included:

  • Teacher Licensure ChangesThe more contentious changes will likely be removed but the provisions aimed at technical education will remain.
  • Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities: We have heard that this provision will be tweaked by removing private school students from being able to participate in public school sports and other activities but the requirement to extend these privileges to homeschool students will remain.

There may be other education provisions included as well. WASB will update members when we obtain the motion language.