Updated WASB Resolutions Book Now Online; Hard Copies To Be Mailed Soon

The WASB Resolutions Adopted by Delegate Assemblies book (“Resolutions Book”) has been updated to reflect actions taken by the January 2015 WASB Delegate Assembly and is now posted online. Copies of the book will also be mailed to each school board president and school district administrator soon.

The Resolutions contained in the book determine the WASB’s positions on policy issues and guide the WASB’s legislative advocacy efforts. The WASB Delegate Assembly meeting in January is the place where votes on WASB resolutions take place. Once adopted, resolutions remain in force until amended or repealed.

Your board should review the WASB Resolutions Book and decide whether you think changes should be made or if there are concerns you would like to see addressed that are not currently included among the resolutions in the book.

Boards may submit resolutions (proposals to create new resolutions or to amend or repeal existing resolutions) to WASB by September 15 each year for consideration at the Delegate Assembly in January. Ideally, those resolutions should aim to express general principles for the WASB to follow.

Each year, hard copies of the updated WASB Resolutions Adopted by Delegate Assemblies book are distributed after each annual revision is completed usually in late June or early July.  Hard copies are mailed to school board presidents, district administrators and CESA administrators.

Delegates to the WASB Delegate Assembly receive their copies of the Resolutions Book  in late Fall along with their Delegate Assembly packets.  Copies of the Resolution book are available at the annual convention and from the WASB offices.  And, as always, the contents of the book are also posted online on the WASB website.

As you review the existing WASB resolutions, please note that the numbers in parenthesis following a resolution indicate the year (and number the resolution was given that year) when the resolution was adopted or amended (if applicable).