Crucial JFC Votes on K-12 Education Items in the Proposed State Budget SET FOR TUESDAY (MAY 19) – The Time to Contact Legislators is NOW!

JFC members are voting to approve, amend, or delete provisions from the budget proposed by the governor. They hope to wrap up their actions by Memorial Day.

The WASB expects major voucher expansion and independent charter school expansion proposals to be approved on Tuesday as well as a plan to transfer control of certain low-performing MPS schools to the Milwaukee County executive.

While this is disappointing and frustrating, public school leaders must now focus on areas where we may still be able to have influence on in this budget – protecting the investment in our public schools by securing an increase in funding for our students.

Please urge your legislators to increase resources for schools. Restoring the $127 million cut to per pupil aid merely gets us back to ZERO increase.

A recent WASB Legislative Alert called out the fact that there is funding already in the proposed budget that could be used to increase resources for schools.

Last week a national expert said that without an increase in per pupil resources Wisconsin’s per pupil school spending will fall below the national average. (See story below.)

It is critical that school leaders continue to communicate their concerns to legislators, especially those who serve on JFC. The time to contact your lawmakers is now!

  • Urge your legislators to restore the $127 million cut to per pupil categorical aid.
  • Emphasize that restoring that cut still only gets public schools back to a freeze in allowable revenues. We need an inflationary increase in per pupil revenues to meet the needs of students.

Here are links to contact information for the JFC members as well as the Senate DirectoryAssembly Directory and the Who Are My Legislators page where you can look up your legislators.

Here are WASB background materials and a worksheet to help you tell your district’s story:

WASB Issue Papers on Per Pupil Aid;  Revenue Limits;  Vouchers/Independent Charters; and a WASB Worksheet (To Help You Tell Your District’s Story)

Here is the list of budget papers scheduled to be taken up on May 19 (scroll down to “Public Instruction”)