DPI Announces High-Cost Pupil Transporation Aid Distributions

The DPI has made public the amounts of high-cost pupil transportation aid that will be received by the 135 school districts that qualify for this aid. You can see a print-out of those aid amounts here.

Each district with a per pupil transportation cost that exceeds one hundred and fifty percent (150%) of the statewide average per pupil transportation cost ($621 per pupil for this year’s calculation) will receive a share of this categorical aid.

Because qualifying claims for this aid ($15.6 million) exceed the amount appropriated ($5 million), aid amounts received are prorated at 32 percent.  2014-15 aid is based on audited information from the previous fiscal year (2013-14).

2013 Wisconsin Act 20 (Section 121.59, Wisconsin Statutes) created a new categorical aid program that provides $5 million in additional funding to school districts in Wisconsin that have higher per pupil transportation costs when compared to the statewide average per pupil transportation cost.The proposed state budget would increase the appropriation for this aid by $2.5 million a year to $7.5 million annually.