Marquette Poll: Voters Oppose Education Funding Cuts

Wisconsin voters are opposed to education funding cuts proposed by the governor’s budget, according to the latest Marquette University Law School Poll.  The poll reports 78 percent oppose cutting $127 million from the K-12 public school budget, while 18 percent support the proposal.

Pollster Charles Franklin observes it is striking when something like the proposal to cut public school spending gets that much opposition.

When asked what’s more important, reducing property taxes or increasing school spending? 54 percent of respondents say school spending, while 40 percent say reducing taxes.

Support was found across all demographic groups surveyed:  Among those without school-age kids: 52 percent say increased school spending is more important, 42 percent say lower property taxes is more important. For those with school-age children support for increased school spending jumps to 61 percent of respondents, while only 34 percent rate  lower property taxes more important. Among homeowners, 51 percent say increased school spending is more important, 44 percent say reduced property taxes is more important.

Also noteworthy were the poll’s findings on expansion of statewide private school vouchers: 54 percent of respondents oppose removing the enrollment cap on vouchers, while 37 percent favor no cap on vouchers.