Finance Committee to Vote on Property Insurance Fund Friday

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) is scheduled to vote Friday on the elimination of the Local Government Property Insurance Fund (LGPIF) as proposed by the governor’s budget (See Budget Paper #400).  If you have coverage through the LGPIF now is the time to take action and contact your legislators (particularly if they are members of the JFC) to urge them not to eliminate this fund.  Communicate how your district’s coverage costs would be impacted.

The WASB opposes the elimination of the LGPIF. We are very concerned that some school districts, particularly those districts with isolated rural schools that have no municipal water supply or professional fire-fighting service nearby may be unable to secure affordable coverage, or worse, may not be able to obtain any coverage through the private insurance market. A significant concern is that these districts may need the LGPIF as, essentially, an insurer of last resort.